Drop Dead Gorgeous : Cat Grooming Basics You Need To Know

Though cats are fastidious groomers on their very own and also you not often, if ever, have to fret about bathing them, there are some grooming fundamentals that try to be conscious of that can show you how to hold your pet’s pores and skin and coat wholesome all through her life.

Taking Care of the Pores and skin and Fur


Not like canines who sometimes must be bathed frequently, cats normally solely want a shower after they have extraordinarily oily pores and skin or after they get themselves actually soiled. A flea tub may additionally be warranted within the case of an infestation.

The important thing to bathing a cat efficiently lies in utilizing a light, non-irritating, ideally pure feline shampoo. Solely fill your bathtub with about three or 4 inches of lukewarm water. A big cup or pitcher can be utilized for those who don’t have a mild spray hose, ensuring you keep away from getting water in your cat’s nostril, ears, and eyes. After making use of the shampoo from head to tail, gently rinse and dry your pet with a towel.


Brushing will be achieved in lieu of bathing as a result of it’s an effective way to take away filth and irritants to maintain your pet’s pores and skin and coat wholesome. It additionally helps to eradicate tangles, particularly in long-haired breeds, and assists in distributing the pure oils of the pores and skin all through the coat with the intention to preserve it smooth and glossy. Brush as soon as per week in case your pet has quick fur however extra typically (possibly even as soon as a day) when you have a long-haired kitty.

A metallic comb can be utilized first to get to the pores and skin and take away dust from head to tail. This may be adopted by a rubber or bristle brush to take away any free or lifeless fur. As soon as once more, transfer from head to tail, and be light on delicate areas like the stomach. You’ll want to take away any tangles you discover alongside the best way.

Kitty Pedicures

To maintain your cat’s claws wholesome and boring sufficient that she doesn’t inadvertently scratch you up and destroy your furnishings, spend money on a pair of nail clippers particularly designed for cats. Although you may actually trim her back and front claws, most house owners persist with the entrance paws solely. To take action efficiently, it’s good to get your cat used to having her paws dealt with. You possibly can accomplish this by gently massaging her legs and making it some extent to the touch the toes and press in on them to increase the claws. As soon as she is used to this kind of contact from you, she is going to have the ability to tolerate the nail clippings, although you should still want somebody to carry her whilst you do the trimming.

Discover that every claw has a pink heart. You wish to keep away from slicing into this space, which is referred as the short. It’s wealthy in blood and nerves. As an alternative, simply trim the clear, sharp finish of every claw to make sure it’s a pain-free expertise.

The Keys to a Profitable Grooming Session

By no means groom your cat while you, or your pet, are in a nasty temper or confused. As a substitute, take a couple of minutes out of your day when you find yourself each relaxed and content material to be round each other. This may make the method go extra easily and rapidly.

Additionally, begin grooming your cat at a younger age to get her used to the method. Begin with quick classes and construct up from there. You need to even make it some extent to pet your cat from head to tail, together with the ft and stomach, in an effort to get her used to your fingers and to organize her for the grooming instruments, together with brushes and nail clippers, you’ll use.

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