Study Finds High-Pitched Noises Set Off Seizures In Cats

Analysis out of England says that sounds as insignificant as a tinkle may cause cats to have seizures.

It’s referred to as “Tom and Jerry syndrome”, however it isn’t almost as humorous because the ’60s cartoon present and has prompted super angst amongst pet dad and mom of senior felines.

In truth, the variety of complaints raised by cat homeowners who claimed their pets have been having seizures in response to high-pitched sounds, brought about a UK cat charity to contact veterinary specialists.

Apparently triggers so simple as crinkling tinfoil or clinking glass with a steel utensil had been inflicting the felines to expertise seizures. And it wasn’t only a handful of pet house owners elevating this concern; it was lots of of cat house owners from world wide who replied to the charity’s question concerning the odd behaviour. Most additionally said their vets didn’t consider sound might be the set off.

Enter the veterinary neurologists at Davies Veterinary Specialists in England, who teamed with a molecular neuroscientist and geneticist on the College Faculty London College of Pharmacy to analyze the perplexing feline phenomenon.

Guess what – it’s true! Information from nearly 100 cats was reviewed together with kind of seizure, period and what sound appeared to set off it. It was found that like some people, there’s a type of seizure – often called audiogenic – brought on by sound. In sure cats it might set off non-convulsive seizures (zoning out), myoclonic seizures (temporary muscle jerks) in addition to full blown seizures (lack of consciousness and, muscle tissue jerking for a number of minutes). So we actually do know our fur youngsters and the examine that reaffirmed pet guardian claims was even revealed within the April 2015 Journal of Feline Medication and Surgical procedure.

Who’s most vulnerable? That might be older cats between 10 to 19 years with 15 being the standard age for onset. Past that, it occurred in pedigree breeds in addition to the frequent home cat – although Birmans appeared to be extra delicate to the sounds.

The triggers? Sounds examined included crinkling tinfoil (82 cats), a metallic spoon clanking on a ceramic meals bowl (79 cats), clinking glass (72 cats), crinkling paper or plastic baggage (71 cats), laptop keyboard or mouse sounds (61 cats), jingling cash or keys (59 cats), hammering a nail (38 cats) and the press of an proprietor’s tongue (24 cats). However get this, to a lesser extent even a ringing cellphone, Velcro peeling or simply you strolling throughout a wood flooring in naked ft might set kitty off. Apparently, the louder the sound, the extra intense the seizure.

So why the Tom and Jerry moniker? Apparently it was initially named for the cartoon character of Tom who responded to startling sounds with involuntary jerks. Extra formally, it’s referred to as FARS (feline audiogenic reflex seizures) and researchers verify future research will deal with genetics and methods to deal with it – together with use of the epilepsy remedy levetiracetam.

After all, having a family with cats that vary from 6 to nearly “candy 16” I needed to check the speculation for myself. There’s been clinking glasses, a bit tinfoil, scratching on glass, virtually moon-walking throughout my wooden floors in naked toes. The results of my experiment: nothing past some odd stares, then again to sleep, for my gang. Has high-pitch noises ever set off seizures in your cat?

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