The American Bobtail Cat

Along with his brief tail, tufted ears and toes, and highly effective physique, the American Bobtail has a distinctively wild look.

Till just lately the American Bobtail has acquired little consideration, so most individuals are stunned to be taught that he has been catting round America for so long as the better-known Japanese Bobtail (see web page 136), first imported to the USA within the late 1960s. The American Bobtail appeared on the scene within the 1960s as properly, however due to the haphazard debut of the Bobtail, the phrase is simply now starting to unfold about this breed.

The cat’s historical past is unsure. The unique Bobtail bloodline got here from a mating between a short-tailed brown tabby male named Yodie and a seal level Siamese feminine. Yodie was obtained by John and Brenda Sanders of Iowa whereas they have been vacationing close to an Indian reservation in Arizona. The parentage of Yodie is unknown, however was thought to have been a bobcat/home cat hybrid due to his stubby tail.

Birman, Himalayan, and a Hima-layan/Siamese cross have been then added to the bloodline. Mindy Schultz (now Mindy Cave), a buddy of the Sanders and the earliest Bobtail breeder, wrote the primary provisional customary within the early 1970s. Nonetheless, at the moment the breed skilled setbacks as a result of ordinary obstacles growing and selling a brand new breed of cat is an endeavor that requires the endurance of Job, the wealth of Midas, the knowledge of Solomon, and the tenacity of the Terminator.

What occurred in these early years appears immaterial at this level. Many of the early bloodlines have been phased out. Within the mid-1980s a gaggle of Bobtail breeders determined to interrupt away from the unique blueprint of the cat, which was basically a short-tailed pointed lengthy hair with white mittens and a white face blaze. Breeders have been having problem working with the sophisticated mixture of genes required for the bobbed tail, Himalayan shade sample, and the white recognizing issue. The unique line turned too inbred to be usable.

The brand new and improved American Bobtail is available in all colours, classes, and divisions. The pattern amongst at present’s breeders is towards a candy, home cat that has the pure, wild look of the bobcat. The brand new Bobtail traces had been reputed to have begun in Florida with trysts between home cats and bobcats, the kittens of which fell into the palms of breeders working with the Bobtail. Nonetheless, these matings can’t be documented since they look like on the order of: ‘Effectively, our cat acquired out, and there have been these bobcats working round far and wide, after which the kittens had been born with these stubby little tails. . . .’

Whereas it’s attainable for the bobcat (Felis rufus, an indigenous North American noticed cat intently associated to the bigger lynx) to mate with home cats, bobcat/home cat hybrids, significantly the males, would almost definitely be sterile. Probably the brief, bobcat-like tail occurred as a spontaneous mutation throughout the home cat inhabitants, or is said to the dominant Manx gene.

Outcrossing the Bobtail to home inventory remains to be allowable. The aim is to maintain the gene pool wholesome since it’s nonetheless fairly small. Neither Manx nor Japanese Bobtails are used within the matrix, nor are bobcats bred into the present traces. Initially acknowledged solely as a longhair, a shorthair normal has now been written and accepted.

Dimension: The American Bobtail sometimes weighs eight to 13 kilos.

Life Span: 11 to 15 years


The character of the American Bobtail cat is usually described as “dog-like”. These sturdy cats have a tendency to like enjoying fetch, tag, and even conceal and search sort video games. They typically have favourite toys they are going to carry round of their mouths.

They’re adaptable and hardy, able to roughhouse, or completely satisfied to calm down.

They’re often described as being an excellent “mans cat”, and could also be allot much less fussy than different breeds. Bobtails like heat companionship and profit from different cats, canines or youngsters within the household.

Though not significantly vocal, they generally tend in direction of some much less typical appears like chirping or trilling when excited or pleased or in greeting.

The American Bobtail cat is acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA), the world’s largest cat group, and is without doubt one of the extra fashionable pure-bred or “pedigreed” home cat breeds.

This can be a comparatively new breed developed in america within the 1960’s with the cross of a bob-tailed particular person with a Siamese cat.

The Siamese heritage is clear within the considerably vocal nature and wonderful humorousness present in todays American Bobtail.

The coat could also be any colour, however tiger and tabby patterns dominate.

These are chunky, medium-sized cats with plush double coats that require average grooming. They’ve few breed-related well being points.

As a result of it’s moderatly lively and wishes interplay this tough and prepared cat is an excellent household pet that may deal with, and sometimes revels, within the consideration of canines and little kids.


Each pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have various incidences of well being issues that could be genetic in nature. American Bobtails are usually wholesome.


The American Bobtail’s coat doesn’t often mat or tangle so long as you comb or brush it a few instances per week. You might discover that the cat sheds extra within the spring and fall, so it may be a good suggestion to groom him extra ceaselessly throughout these instances. A shower isn’t mandatory.

Brush the enamel to forestall periodontal illness. Every day dental hygiene is greatest, however weekly brushing is healthier than nothing. Trim the nails each couple of weeks. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a mushy, damp fabric to take away any discharge. Use a separate space of the material for every eye so that you don’t run the chance of spreading any an infection.

Examine the ears weekly. If they give the impression of being soiled, wipe them out with a cotton ball or mushy damp fabric moistened with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar and heat water. Keep away from utilizing cotton swabs, which may injury the inside of the ear.

Hold the litter field spotlessly clear. Cats are very explicit about rest room hygiene.

It’s a good suggestion to maintain an American Bobtail as an indoor-only cat to guard him from illnesses unfold by different cats, assaults by canine or coyotes, and the opposite risks that face cats who go outdoor, akin to being hit by a automobile. American Bobtails who go outdoor additionally run the danger of being stolen by somebody who wish to have such a fantastic cat with out paying for it.


American Bobtail kittens are highly effective little balls of vitality. Daring and curious, however often calm and blissful when dealt with, they’re glorious first cats for folk with little cat rearing expertise.

Their nice nature and out-going, playful model are complemented by a candy disposition and a need to please which isn’t seen in lots of cat breeds.

American Bobtail kittens are typically somewhat scaggly and leggy in look, however develop and mature pretty rapidly.

They are going to be full peak by about eight months and can fill out to mature weight over the following 12 months or so.

Younger males will develop a ruff across the neck and normally have a bigger, extra spectacular head and wider paws than females.


Bobtails are gradual to develop, reaching maturity someplace between two and three years. Like bobcats, the Bobtail’s hind legs are barely longer than the entrance legs, and the ft are massive and spherical and will have toe tufts.

The Bobtail’s most famous characteristic, its succinct tail, is one-third to one-half the size of an strange cat’s, and mustn’t prolong under the hock. Just like the Manx, the Bobtail’s tail seems to be ruled by a dominant gene. The tail is straight and articulate however might curve, have bumps or be barely knotted. Bobtails with no tails (additionally known as rumpies) should not acceptable due to the well being issues related to the shortened backbone.


Along with his quick tail, tufted ears and toes, and highly effective physique, the American Bobtail has a distinctively wild look—much like that of a bobcat—however he’s a home cat via and thru. He ranges in measurement from medium to giant and matures slowly, taking as much as three years to succeed in his full measurement.

Since this breed is distinguished by his quick tail, it’s pretty much as good a spot as any to start an outline of his seems. Every tail is exclusive. Most are 1 to four inches lengthy, however they are often shorter or longer. The best bobtail is versatile and expressive, lengthy sufficient to be seen above the again when the cat is alert, and could also be straight with a fats pad on the finish, barely curved or kinked, or bumpy alongside the size of the tail. Kittens are nearly by no means fully tailless, as generally occurs with the Manx. Some litters have kittens with full-length tails. They received’t be stars within the present ring, however they can be utilized in breeding packages.

The noticeably athletic physique is roofed with shaggy fur in two lengths. The shorthaired American Bobtail truly has a medium-length double coat with arduous outer hairs overlaying a tender, downy undercoat.When the coat is a dilute colour, a lynx level or a silver, the coat might have a softer texture. Longhaired Bobtails have a ruff across the neck and lengthy hair on the britches (higher hind legs), stomach and tail. On the face, the longhair might look as if he’s sporting mutton chops. The fur is available in all colours and patterns. The eyes might be any coloration besides odd (every eye a distinct colour).


Head Form: The top is broad and huge with dramatic cheekbones. The muzzle is broad and nicely outlined and should not look delicate or pinched. The chin and jaws are full and pronounced. The eyes are massive and almond formed with heavy brows giving a novel look. The eyes could also be any coloration, together with odd-eyed. The ears are massive with tufts or “furnishing” fairly fascinating.

Physique and Tail: The cat ought to be muscular and of medium size with broad, vast shoulders and hips. Barely longer than tall with outstanding shoulder blades. The neck is brief and broad. The hind legs are longer than the entrance with plenty of bone and muscle to the legs. Ft are large and spherical, typically tufted between the toes. The tail ought to be at the least 1 inch lengthy, however 6 inches or so is most popular. About half to a 3rd the size of a traditional tail.

Coat: Quick and dense double coat that stands off from the physique and may typically be described as “scruffy”. Not shut mendacity or tight. The breed is seen in a protracted coat as nicely, though not as usually.

Colours: Any colour or sample is suitable. Tabby and tiger patterns are mostly seen and go well with the wild sort that’s desired.

Total: This must be a large and muscular cat with again legs longer than entrance and good bone. The only most essential trait is the wild sort – a definite resemblance to a lynx or bobcat, full with ear tufts. A distinctly non-wild persona is equally essential and this cat is a notoriously nice and sporting family-oriented pet.


– American bobtail tails are half the size of a typical cat
– They’re descended from Siamese cats
– American bobtail cats are glorious with youngsters
– They’ve an uncommon vocabulary of clicks and chirps!


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