The British Shorthair Cat

Stuffed with British reserve, the Shorthair has a quiet voice and is an undemanding companion.

The British Shorthair is native to Nice Britain in the identical manner that the American Shorthair is native to America, way back he was transported there from elsewhere. Nevertheless, the progenitor of the Brit might be Nice Britain’s oldest pure breed of cat, and was roaming round Nice Britain for hundreds of years earlier than his cousin journeyed to the New World.

The Brit’s progenitor was a typical road cat as soon as known as the European Shorthair. This breed (whose conformation is way completely different from the Brits you will see in present halls immediately) got here to Nice Britain some 2,000 years in the past, courtesy of the Roman Empire. The Romans, who stored cats as pets and for rodent management, transported this shorthaired breed to northern Europe and finally to their outlying provinces within the British Isles.

For hundreds of years, this rugged cat frolicked in Nice Britain’s alleys and barns. Within the late 1800s cat fancier Harrison Weir, well-known for his contributions to the rising cat fancy, was instrumental in establishing the British Shorthair as an formally acknowledged breed. By means of his efforts, British Shorthairs have been featured in England’s first cat present on the Crystal Palace of London, and rapidly turned fashionable with the British cat fancy.

Simply earlier than the flip of the century, longhaired exotics caught the cat fancy’s eye and British Shorthairs declined in reputation. Nonetheless, Brits held their very own till the chaos of World Warfare II decimated the breed (together with many different European breeds as nicely).

After the struggle, breeders devoted to preserving the British Shorthair gained permission from the British Governing Council of the Cat Fancy to interbreed their Brits with different cat breeds to rebuild the gene pool. Persians had been bred into the present bloodlines, and shorthaired breeds such because the Chartreux have been additionally added. These efforts reworked the Brit into its present kind: a big, highly effective mini-teddy bear with a full, spherical face and a placid disposition.

American cat fanciers took little discover of the British Shorthair till the 1960s, and it wasn’t till 1970 that ACFA acknowledged the blue British Shorthair below the now out of date moniker ‘British Blue’. (Blue was, and nonetheless is, the most typical shade each right here and in Nice Britain, because of the giant variety of Chartreuxes and blue Persians bred into the bloodlines after the warfare.)

The breed slowly earned supporters in america, and between 1970 and 1980 the remaining associations accepted the Brit into the North American cat fancy.

Dimension: Males weight 12 to 20 kilos, females eight to 14 kilos.

Life Span: 12 to 17 years


The character of the British shorthair is mellow and dignified, the truth is, the qualities which have made this cat such an excellent companion for thus many centuries are brimming within the trendy British Shorthair, and this pretty cat may be the reply to a busy working singles pet dilemmas.

These cats will be a part of you to your morning espresso, snuggle with you as you watch the night information, and by no means pester or get underfoot.

They cool, relaxed kitties and won’t plead with you to remain in the event you seize your automotive keys. They really enjoy a bit alone time and are fairly content material to lounge in regards to the condominium when you put in a full days work – great!

The British Shorthair cat is acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA), the world’s largest cat group. and is without doubt one of the hottest pure-bred or “pedigreed” home cat breeds. They’ve one of many first established breed requirements, and people have been exhibited in cat reveals as early as 1870.

A sensible choice for a quiet life-style and a cat that doesn’t require plenty of fuss or consideration

In truth, they’re so laid-back that they’re liable to weight problems, so care should be taken with weight loss program. Shedding could also be excessive and common grooming is desired.

These are sturdy medium-sized cats which have maybe the next than common danger of kidney stones and urinary tract points, however no different breed-related well being points.

As a result of it’s reletively sedate and enjoys average interplay, the British Shorthair cat makes a nice pet for older people, or condo dwellers, and a pleasant household cat that may do properly with older, thoughtful kids.


Each pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have various incidences of well being issues that could be genetic in nature. Issues which have been seen within the Shorthair are gingivitis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, each of which might have an effect on any breed.


The British Shorthair’s quick, easy coat is straightforward to groom with weekly brushing or combing to take away useless hairs. A shower is never vital.

Brush the tooth to stop periodontal illness. Day by day dental hygiene is finest, however weekly brushing is healthier than nothing. Trim the nails weekly. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a tender, damp fabric to take away any discharge. Use a separate space of the material for every eye so that you don’t run the chance of spreading any an infection.

Verify the ears weekly. If they give the impression of being soiled, wipe them out with a cotton ball or gentle damp material moistened with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar and heat water. Keep away from utilizing cotton swabs, which may injury the inside of the ear.

Hold the litter field spotlessly clear. Cats are very explicit about rest room hygiene.

It’s a good suggestion to maintain a British Shorthair as an indoor-only cat to guard him from ailments unfold by different cats, assaults by canines or coyotes, and the opposite risks that face cats who go outside, similar to being hit by a automotive. British Shorthairs who go outdoor additionally run the danger of being stolen by somebody who want to have such a lovely cat with out paying for it.


British shorthair kittens are notably laid again and straightforward to look after. They’re extraordinarily vivid and fast to study the family routine.

They’re busy and curious, in fact, and should put themselves in precarious conditions till they be taught their limitations.

Kitten-proofing is unquestionably advisable for anybody contemplating adopting or buying a British Shorthair kitten.

Excessive furnishings must be off limits, warning must be taken when holding these wriggly little kids, significantly when carrying them throughout exhausting wooden or tile flooring, and areas below counters and doorways ought to be blocked off as they’ve a really sturdy urge to discover.

In Look, the British shorthair kitten could be very a lot a miniature grownup. The massive spherical head and cobby type are current even within the littlest Brits, and the boldness is there too.

They have a tendency to develop at a median charge and attain mature top at about 6 months, filling out and maturing to full dimension and weight at about one yr outdated.

As a result of it is a very fashionable cat, breeders of pedigree British Shorthair cats may be discovered comparatively simply, and the value is normally reasonably priced for a pure-bred kitten.


Just like the American Shorthair, the British Shorthair is thought for its well being and vigor. The breed is cobby in design, compact and highly effective with a spherical, huge face and head. This head design units the breed other than different breeds developed from home shorthairs. A really dense, quick, resilient coat is necessary within the present British Shorthair. The fur feels strong to the contact, like sinking your fingers into agency, heat velvet. The coat will not be double-coated or woolly, which makes up-keep simpler; nonetheless, common grooming is necessary. Though blue is the most typical, the British Shorthair is available in quite a lot of colours and patterns.


Together with his brief, thick coat, spherical head and cheeks, massive spherical eyes, and rounded physique, the British Shorthair resembles nothing a lot as a cuddly teddy bear. His physique is compact however highly effective with a broad chest, robust legs with rounded paws and a thick tail with a rounded tip. The coat is available in nearly any shade or sample you can want for, together with lilac, chocolate, black, white, pointed, tabby and lots of extra. The perfect identified colour is blue (grey) and the cats are generally known as British Blues.

The shorthair doesn’t attain full bodily maturity till he’s three to five years previous.


Head Form: The pinnacle must be massive, broad and effectively rounded with full, even “chubby” cheeks, a broad, well-formed muzzle with sturdy chin and, in present specimens, a flat and even “dished” high quality from brow to the center of the nostril. This provides a really distinctive and immediately recognizable profile to the breed. Expression is necessary and ought to be honest and fantastically enhanced by the very massive, spherical eyes. The attention colour could also be any, however their are some necessities with sure of the various coat colours out there.

Physique and Tail: The physique is medium to giant, not for much longer than tall, with a very powerful issue being high quality and width. A broad chest and hips with flattened prime line, the cat ought to be huge when seen from above, however muscular and well-kept. The neck needs to be quick and with a bull-dog high quality, particularly evident in males. The legs are medium in size, well-boned, strongly muscled and with giant spherical, well-knuckled toes. The tail is medium in size, extensive with solely a slight taper and carried at again degree when relaxed.

Coat: The coat needs to be quick and really dense.
Sample: Though many cats of this breed are blue in shade, a big number of colours and patterns are accepted with prolonged explanations of every shade’s desired look. Every particular person Cat Breed Affiliation has their very own particular preferences.
Total Look: This must be a medium to massive dimension cat of nice substance. Bone and muscle needs to be highly effective, broad and high-quality. Thick, however not fats. Stocky however not comfortable. These are well-rounded, nice and clever cats.


The British Shorthair was developed from cats delivered to Britain from Rome 3000 years in the past. The fashionable breed is commonly reffered to because the “bulldog of cats” on account of its stocky construct and British historical past.
Though Blue colour is the commonest, these cats are available nearly any coloration and sample.


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