The Cornish Rex Cat

If it weren’t insulting, it is likely to be honest to explain the Cornish Rex as “doglike,” as he’s a keen retriever to thrown toys.

The primary identified Cornish was found on July 21, 1950, on a farm in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England, the place Serena, a tortoiseshell and white home, gave start to 5 kittens. The litter contained one curly-coated orange and white male kitten, which Nina Ennismore, Serena’s mother, named Kallibunker.

Kallibunker was noticeably totally different from his litter mates. His hair was brief and curly and, as an alternative of possessing the cobby physique like that of his litter mates and mom, Kallibunker?s physique was lengthy and lithe. He possessed giant ears, a slender tail, and a international wedge-shaped head.

Ennismore, on this mini-mutant mouser, bought in contact with a British geneticist, who agreed that the fur of Kallibunker was much like the Rex rabbit’s fur. On the recommendation of the geneticist, Ennismore backcrossed Kallibunker to his mom. This mating produced a litter containing one straight-coated kitten and two curly-coated kittens. A second breeding was organized for Kallibunker and Mother, and once more curly-coated kittens have been produced. The title Cornish Rex was determined upon for the brand new breed due to the breed’s resemblance to the curly-coated Astrex rabbit.

Two Cornish Rexes arrived in America in 1957, courtesy of fancier Fran Blancheri. One died shortly after arrival, however the different, LaMorna Cove, who was pregnant by Poldhu (one of many kittens sired by Kallibunker), survived and produced a Rex litter. LaMorna and household turned the muse cats for the Cornish Rex in America.

For the reason that gene pool was small, breeders outcrossed to different breeds to take care of genetic variety. Siamese, Havana Browns, American Shorthairs, and home shorthairs had been among the many breeds used. This not solely offered genetic range, however a big selection of colours and patterns from which to decide on. Outcrossing has since been disallowed as a result of there’s now sufficient variety to maintain the breed wholesome. The CFA accepted the Cornish for Championship in 1964; all of the North American registries now settle for the Cornish.

Dimension: The Cornish Rex sometimes weighs 6 to 10 kilos.

Life Span: 11 to 15 years


Cornish Rex cats are slender, delicate and unique wanting creatures, however are literally very busy and sturdy little personalities.

Cornish Rex cats stay kittenish all through their lives and enjoyment of any play that entails stalking behaviors.

They’re usually simply educated and revel in enjoying fetch or studying extra difficult video games and methods.

They significantly want human interplay that may’t get replaced with one other cat or different pet. This is a superb cat for somebody on the lookout for an actual buddy, and they’re simply as up for a very good cuddle as a very good wrestle.

A really pretty, uniquely stunning, shoulder-riding, busy-body, people-oriented cat.

The Cornish Rex cat is acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA), the world’s largest cat group. It’s an more and more common pure-bred or “pedigreed” home cat breed.

Though they’re small total, they’re lengthy limbed and the again and neck are superbly arched.

The coat is available in any colour or sample and is with out guard hairs making it delicate and high-quality. Ideally, the curl must be tight like a everlasting wave, and even the whiskers and eyebrows are curled.

Mild grooming with a rubber mitt will hold the pores and skin wholesome.

There may be little, if any, shedding, and though there is no such thing as a really non-allergenic cat, some with allergy symptoms or discomfort round high-shedding cats might discover the Cornish Rex triggers much less extreme reactions.

There may be additionally a perception that the Rex breeds have much less of the glyco-protein of their saliva and glands that’s the true set off of allergic reactions.

These are very slender, smallish-sized cats which have few breed-related well being points, nonetheless they should be shielded from chills and moist climate. One other challenge is a low tolerance for anesthetics. Any medical procedures ought to be approached with this in thoughts.

As a result of it is vitally energetic and vastly needs interplay, the Cornish Rex is an excellent household cat that does effectively with thoughtful youngsters, kinds sturdy bonds, and likes to be included in completely every part.


Each pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have various incidences of well being issues which may be genetic in nature. Cornish Rex are typically wholesome, however the next ailments have been seen within the breed:

– Congenital hypotrichosis, in any other case generally known as hereditary baldness, a situation that’s in all probability the results of an inherited recessive gene. The Cornish Rex naturally has a really nice coat, however these with much less hair than regular for the breed are thought-about to be hypotricotic.
– Umbilical hernia, which happens when a defect within the belly wall—close to the umbilicus, therefore the identify—permits a part of the gut or different stomach organs to protrude by the stomach wall. The final recognized report of umbilical hernias within the breed was from 1997. Umbilical hernias can even have non-genetic causes.
– Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a type of coronary heart illness that’s inherited in some cat breeds such because the Maine Coon. – Heritability has not been confirmed within the Cornish Rex.


Grooming the Cornish Rex is often as simple as brushing your hand over his coat. Some Cornish Rex cats have an extended or woollier coat, nevertheless, and might have some assist from a smooth bristle brush or fine-tooth comb to maintain their coat trying neat. Groom gently so that you don’t break the fragile hairs. The perfect factor a couple of Cornish Rex coat is that the hairs are so advantageous that they aren’t very noticeable on clothes and furnishings.

Baths are not often obligatory except the cat is white or has a whole lot of white on the coat. These cats can begin to look dingy if they aren’t frequently bathed.

Brush the enamel to forestall periodontal illness. Every day dental hygiene is finest, however weekly brushing is healthier than nothing. Wipe the corners of the eyes day by day with a mushy, damp fabric to take away any discharge. Use a separate space of the material for every eye so that you don’t run the chance of spreading any an infection. Verify the ears weekly. If they appear soiled, wipe them out with a cotton ball or gentle damp material moistened with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar and heat water. Keep away from utilizing cotton swabs, which may injury the inside of the ear.

Preserve the litter field spotlessly clear. Like all cats, Cornish Rex are very explicit about rest room hygiene.

The Cornish Rex feels heat to the contact, however he’s all the time looking for heat. In case you are chilly, he most likely is simply too. Purchase him a pleasant sweater or two to assist him retain warmth.

It’s a good suggestion to maintain a Cornish Rex as an indoor-only cat to guard him from ailments unfold by different cats, assaults by canines or coyotes, and the opposite risks that face cats who go open air, similar to being hit by a automotive. Cornish Rex who go open air additionally run the chance of being stolen by somebody who want to have such an uncommon cat with out paying for it. If doable, construct your Cornish Rex a big outside enclosure the place he can soar and climb safely. In case your Cornish REx has an out of doors enclosure that permits for sunbathing, make sure you apply cat-safe sunscreen to his physique to stop sunburn.


Cornish Rex kittens are sometimes very small and intensely delicate. They take awhile to develop, however often have voracious appetites.

They’re very shiny, curious and lively kittens, and kitten-proofing a Cornish Rex kittens new house is totally important, particularly resulting from their small dimension.

An inquisitive kitten might simply disappear in any variety of knooks and crannies within the common house. These kittens are normally fairly vocal although, and monitoring them down would not be an issue.

Cornish Rex kittens are very smart and extremely trainable. Get them used to a routine early, expose them to automotive rides, the opposite pets, the grandkids and so on. and you’ll discover them falling proper into place with the hustle and bustle.

This is a superb cat to journey with so long as they’ve safety from moist and chilly, so get them used to issues early and hit the street.

One well-known Cornish Rex did Sturgis on the entrance of a Harley for years.

As a result of this can be a comparatively uncommon cat, breeders of pedigree Cornish Rex kittens are sometimes onerous to search out, and a pure-bred kitten could also be dear.


Some people who find themselves allergic to cats are capable of personal Cornish Rex cats, however the purpose for this isn’t that Rexes are, as some folks have claimed, hypoallergenic. The Cornish and the Devon do shed lower than different cat breeds (they can not shed hair they do not have), which is nice if maintaining hair off the sofa is vital to you. How-ever, cat hair itself just isn’t what causes allergic signs in people. An allergenic protein known as Fel d1, secreted through saliva and sebaceous glands, produces the signs. When cats groom, they unfold Fel d1 onto their fur. Cornish Rexes produce this protein, too. They only do not deposit as a lot allergen-laced hair everywhere in the home. Since Cornish Rex cats are simple to wash (the cleaning soap penetrates the brief coat simply and their fur dries shortly), common bathing can scale back the Fel d1 protecting the Rex’s fur, and might additional scale back allergic signs.

The Cornish Rex shares similarities, and variations, with the Devon Rex. The Rex coats of each the Cornish and the Devon are ruled by recessive genes. Each create related adjustments within the coat. The mutation appears to have an effect on the physique kind as properly, since Rex kittens have a special conformation than their straight-coated litter mates. The Cornish Rex fully lacks guard hairs. The gentle awn hairs make up the Cornish coat and kind a decent, uniform wave that lies near the physique. The awn wave extends from the highest of the top, down throughout the again, sides, and hips, and continues to the tip of the lengthy, tapering tail.


Along with his crushed velvet coat, racy, slender physique, and curly whiskers, the Cornish Rex is a dandy of a cat. Along with his smooth, wavy fur and curvy physique, he’s distinguished by a small, egg-shaped head, about one-third longer than it’s large. His facial options embrace a rounded brow, the excessive cheekbones of a supermodel, a Roman nostril with a excessive, distinguished bridge, and oval eyes that slant barely upward. Sitting excessive on the pinnacle are giant ears that look as if they may pull in satellite tv for pc alerts.

The distinctive physique, a present from the Cornish Rex’s Siamese ancestors, is made up swish arches and curves. It consists of an extended, slender torso, a deep chest, a naturally arched again, and a stomach that curves gently upward to type a small waistline. Muscular hips, thighs and rear finish propel the Cornish Rex’s nice leaps. Supporting him when he lands are lengthy, slender legs and dainty, barely oval paws. A protracted, versatile tail tapers towards the tip. His curvy, slender physique would possibly make the medium-size Cornish Rex appear delicate, however he’s surprisingly heavy when picked up. He usually weighs 6 to 10 kilos.

The Cornish Rex curls are current at beginning. Some kittens undergo a stage throughout which the coat is flat and suedelike, however as they mature the coat turns into wavy once more. At maturity, normally between 18 months and three years, the coat is brief, tender and silky, with no harsh guard hairs. The fur lies near the physique in tight waves, just like the marcelled hairdo of a 1940s movie star. It shouldn’t be sparse or naked in locations.

The coat is available in a profusion of colours and patterns. Strong colours are white, black, blue, crimson, cream, chocolate and lavender. In addition they are available numerous tabby colours and patterns, tortoiseshell, calico, bi-color and pointed patterns, to call just some. Relying on the coat colour, the eyes could also be gold, inexperienced or hazel.


Head Form: The pinnacle must be distinctively longer than vast with a “Roman nostril” profile. The ears are giant and alert, taller than large and almost pointed. The eyes are oval and huge set, medium in form and set effectively within the cranium. The bridge of the nostril typically rises excessive between the eyes. Any eye colour acceptable, however pointed cats require blue eyes. The muzzle is nicely fashioned with a really sturdy chin flowing into an extended slender neck.

Physique and Tail: The physique is difficult, tight-skinned, and muscular with lean and rounded proportions. The stomach “tucks-up” after the light curved rib cage very like a greyhound, and the highest line is gracefully arched. The hips are broad, with lengthy, highly effective, rounded haunches. The legs are very lengthy and slender, with neat, small, oval formed toes. The tail is lengthy and slim with a slight curve.

Coat: The coat needs to be quick and dense, high-quality and comfortable to the contact. Waves needs to be tight and even throughout all the physique. Waves are fascinating however not required on the pinnacle, legs and tail.

Sample: All acknowledged colours and patterns are accepted

General Look: This must be a small to medium measurement cat with a lean, laborious, slender physique, long-legged and with curved contours. The top form is unique, with giant ears and a Roman nostril. The coat is exclusive, tightly curled, smooth and curious. That is an lively, agile and expressive cat of immense grace with a candy, pleasant character.


Each Cornish Rex cat could be traced again to at least one particular kitten named Kallibunker who was born on a farm in Cornwall, England within the 1950’s!


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