The Egyptian Mau Cat

The Mau’s most placing attribute is his noticed coat in silver, bronze or smoke (pale silver fur tipped in black), carefully adopted by his giant gooseberry-green eyes.

The Egyptian Mau is likely one of the oldest current breeds of home cat, and the one naturally noticed one. Proof within the type of depictions, work, and sculptures exhibits that noticed cats existed throughout the time of the Egyptian cat cult, and it’s theorized that the predecessor of the Mau was the exact same cat worshiped by the traditional Egyptians. A papyrus portray courting round 1100 B.C. reveals Ra within the type of a noticed cat beheading the evil serpent Apep. In 1580 B.C., a papyrus report quotes a noticed cat as saying, ‘I’m the cat which fought close to the Persea Tree in Annu on the night time when the foes of Neb-er-tcher have been destroyed!’ On a extra mundane observe, a 1400 B.C. tomb portray present in Thebes depicts a noticed cat retrieving a duck for an Egyptian hunter, exhibiting that cats weren’t solely worshiped however performed an essential function in on a regular basis life as effectively.

Egyptian Maus joined the European cat fancy within the early 1900s. Fanciers in Italy, Switzerland, and France labored to develop the breed; nevertheless, because it did many purebred breeds, World Struggle II decimated the Egyptian Mau inhabitants and by the mid-1940s the Mau was virtually extinct.

The efforts of the exiled Russian Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy introduced the Mau again from the brink of extinction. Whereas in Italy, she rescued a number of the few remaining specimens. She was additionally instrumental in importing at the very least one Mau from Egypt by way of the Syrian Embassy.

In 1956 Troubetskoy immigrated to america, bringing together with her three Maus bred from her unique inventory. Upon arrival, Troubetskoy started her personal Egyptian Mau cattery (Fatima) and commenced to advertise the breed. The Mau quickly collected a following of fanciers who wished to protect the uncommon and traditionally important breed.

Due to the small gene pool and since further Maus have been virtually not possible to acquire from Egypt, a certain quantity of inbreeding and outcrossing have been required to proceed the breed in North America. Selective breeding for temperament was additionally a precedence, since disposition issues had been famous in some bloodlines. Lastly, within the 1980s breeder Cathie Rowan introduced 13 extra Maus into america, paving the best way for extra imports. In 1991 breeder J. Len Davidson imported 4 extra. This widening of the gene pool was important to the breed’s well being and well-being.

In 1968 CFF was the primary to simply accept the Egyptian Mau. CCA quickly adopted, and the CFA granted Championship in 1977. As we speak, all main associations settle for the Mau.

Measurement: The Mau is a medium-size cat of 6 to 14 kilos

Life Span: 12 to 15 years


The Egyptian Mau persona is a bit of advanced. They’ve a really robust social drive and love their households, however are unusually cautious with strangers, and should disappear when there are guests.

The Mau is a wonderful alternative for households with kids. They’re lively, busy and love consideration, but in addition cool sufficient and restrained sufficient to cope with somewhat clumsy dealing with.

These cats are very dog-like, and can be taught tips, fetch and conceal and search, and they’re accepting, and generally fairly loving in the direction of canines and different cats.

Small pets in the home, like rabbits and birds, might pose an excessive amount of of a temptation for this expert and efficient hunter, nonetheless, and ferrets are in all probability not a very good combine both.

The Egyptian Mau has some distinctive persona traits solely discovered within the breed. They do what is known as the “wiggle tail”, standing tall with tail raised, kneading with their entrance paws, and wiggling their tail when excited or greeting a beloved one.

The actions look allot like a cat “spraying” or marking territory with a urine spray, however there is no such thing as a messy spraying concerned within the “wiggle tail”, simply pure pleasure.

These cats are additionally slightly vocal, not in a loud approach, however with an assortment of chortles and mews particular to those great kitties.

That is a horny and energetic medium sized cat that makes a superb household pet, and has few breed-related well being points.


Each pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have various incidences of well being issues which may be genetic in nature. Egyptian Maus are typically wholesome, however you should definitely ask a breeder in regards to the incidence of well being issues in her traces and what testing has been performed for any which might be genetic in nature.


The Egyptian Mau’s coat is definitely cared for with weekly combing to take away lifeless hair and distribute pores and skin oils. A shower isn’t mandatory.

Brush the tooth to forestall periodontal illness. Every day dental hygiene is finest, however weekly brushing is healthier than nothing. Trim the nails each couple of weeks. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a delicate, damp fabric to take away any discharge. Use a separate space of the material for every eye so that you don’t run the chance of spreading any an infection. Test the ears weekly. If they give the impression of being soiled, wipe them out with a cotton ball or smooth damp fabric moistened with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar and heat water. Keep away from utilizing cotton swabs, which may injury the inside of the ear.

Maintain the litter field spotlessly clear. Cats are very specific about rest room hygiene, and a grimy field could trigger them to start out utilizing different locations in the home as an alternative.

It’s a good suggestion to maintain an Egyptian Mau as an indoor-only cat to guard him from ailments unfold by different cats, assaults by canines or coyotes, and the opposite risks that face cats who go outside, similar to being hit by a automotive. Protecting him indoors additionally protects native birds and wildlife from this avid hunter. Egyptian Maus who go outdoor additionally run the danger of being stolen by somebody who want to have such an exquisite cat with out paying for it.


Egyptian Mau kittens are born with no spots and develop them as their coat grows. Typically whereas they’re kittens they may have a lot “child fuzz” that they only appear to be gray puffs, however spots ought to be clearly seen by the fourth month.

The attention shade of a Mau kitten could take time to indicate too, and a few can have blue, brown and even black eyes for the primary few weeks or months of life.

These kittens are extraordinarily energetic, adventurous and playful. Many toys are really helpful to maintain your infant entertained, and hunting-type video games specifically are adored by these stealthy kittens.

That is an clever and long-domesticated breed that learns extraordinarily shortly, however has only a little bit of a cussed streak when issues do not go good, so set up issues like mealtime, bowl and litter-plan placement and nighttime sleeping preparations very early or it’s possible you’ll be in for a battle.

If you happen to do not plan to have your Egyptian Mau cat sleeping in mattress with you at night time, do not enable it as a kitten, or the adjustment to a different mattress can be troublesome.

This can be a very uncommon cat and discovering a pedigree Egyptian Mau breeder could also be troublesome. Kittens are costly and the value truly goes up with the readability and distribution of the spots!


One in every of this breed’s most putting options is its random, distinctive spots. Appreciable selection exists in placement and form. The spots might be massive or small, spherical or rectangular, or mixtures thereof. What’s vital is that the spots be vivid and distinct, with good distinction between the background colour and the colour of the spots. The face bears tabby markings together with the attribute ‘M’ on the brow, which is usually described as a scarab beetle mark. Two mascara traces grace the cheeks. The primary begins on the nook of the attention and continues alongside the cheek’s contour. Because the story goes, historic Egyptian girls patterned their elaborate eye make-up after the Mau’s markings.


The Mau’s most hanging attribute is his noticed coat in silver, bronze or smoke (pale silver fur tipped in black), carefully adopted by his massive gooseberry-green eyes. He’s a medium-size cat with a muscular physique and a barely rounded wedge-shaped head topped with medium-size to giant ears. With hind legs barely longer than the entrance legs, he offers the looks of standing on tiptoe on his small, dainty ft. A medium-long tail is thick on the base, tapering barely on the finish.

The medium-length coat has a silky, effective texture within the smoke coloration and a dense, resilient texture within the silver and bronze colours. The physique is roofed randomly with distinct spots that may be small or giant, and spherical, rectangular or different shapes. The brow bears an M form, the cheeks are adorned with “mascara” traces, and the tail is banded, ending with a darkish tip. On the pale stomach are darkish spots that resemble “vest buttons.”

Along with the silver, bronze and smoke colours, Maus can are available stable black, blue silver, blue noticed (a dilute model of bronze), blue smoke and strong blue, however these colours aren’t permitted within the present ring. These cats of a distinct shade make high-quality pets, nonetheless, sharing all the opposite traits of the Mau.


Head Form: Medium size, barely modified wedge with out flat planes. Cheeks usually are not full. Ears medium to medium giant, reasonably pointed, broad at base. Upstanding with ample width between ears, set well-back on head, cupped ahead, alert. Quick, shut mendacity hair on exterior, might have lynx ideas.

Eyes: Giant, rounded almond form. Aperture is degree in head with slight upward slant to decrease lid. Neither spherical nor oriental. Gooseberry inexperienced (mild inexperienced). Allowance is made for altering eye coloration, with some discernable inexperienced by eight months of age and full inexperienced eye colour by 18 months of age. Desire given in any respect ages for greener eyes.

Muzzle: Medium-rounded, neither brief nor pointed, rounded planes mixing with general head form. Enable for jowls in mature males. Nostril even in width all through size. Profile is mild rise from bridge of nostril to brow which then flows into arched neck with no break.

BODY: Stability between cobby and international sorts; Medium in dimension, medium lengthy size. The shoulder blades are excessive and angulated. There’s a unfastened pores and skin flap (stomach flap). Legs are medium in size, with hind legs proportionately longer. Medium boning with well-developed musculature. The hind legs are longer than the entrance, however carried flexed so the again is stage. Ft are barely oval, nearly spherical. Small in dimension, with very lengthy toes on again toes. Tail is medium size, medium at base, with slight taper.

COAT/COLOR: Size: Medium, lengthy sufficient to hold two bands of ticking. Texture: Bronze and Black Silver – resilient, close-lying Black Smoke – nice, silky, close-lying

PATTERN: There may be good distinction between pale floor colour and deeper markings. The brow has attribute tabby “M” and frown strains which run between the ears and down the again of the neck, turning into elongated spots alongside the backbone. On the haunches the backbone strains meld right into a dorsal stripe which continues to the tip of the tail. The tail is banded.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Egyptian Mau is the one pure home breed of noticed cat. The physique is swish, displaying well-developed muscular energy. It strikes a steadiness between the heftiness of the cobby and svelteness of the oriental varieties. It’s an alert, energetic, robust, colourful cat of medium dimension. It ought to be well-balanced bodily and temperamentally. Normal steadiness is extra to be desired than dimension alone.


The Mau is the one naturally noticed home cat breed.
Noticed cats are represented on the partitions of the pyramids
The phrase “Mau” means each “cat” and “solar” within the historic language
“Mau” was additionally a God in Egyptian tradition.


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