The Havana Brown Cat

The Havana is distinguished by his uncommon head kind; it’s longer than it is broad.

The Havana Brown, a cat the color of chocolate kisses, is one different breed that comes from the mysterious land of Siam. Robust brown cats have been described and depicted throughout the Cat-E e book Poems, a manuscript written inside the metropolis of Ayudha, Siam, some time between 1350 when the city was primarily based and 1767 when the city was burned by invaders. These brown cats appear inside the manuscript alongside royal Siamese, black and white bicolors, and silver-blue Korats. The parents of Siam thought-about the burnished brown cats very gorgeous and believed they protected their human companions from evil.

Secure brown (self-brown) cats had been among the many many first felines to return to England from Siam (now Thailand) throughout the late 1800s. Early data describe these cats as ‘Siamese, with coats of burnished chestnut, and greeny-blue eyes’. It is believed that these imports weren’t the whole comparable genetic kinds, nonetheless pretty signify what instantly might be known as Burmese, chocolate stage Siamese, Tonkinese (Burmese/Siamese hybrids), and Havana Browns. It’s onerous to tell one from one different from mere descriptions.

Robust brown cats had been exhibited in Europe in the midst of the late 1800s and the early 1900s. A self-brown took first prize at a gift in England in 1888, indicating that, in the meanwhile, fanciers valued and treasured brown cats. At a 1928 cat current, the British Siamese Cat Membership gave a selected award to the cat with ‘the easiest chocolate physique.’ Writers of the day described these cats as ‘chocolate-colored Siamese, that is, the equivalent color all through.’

Shortly after, nonetheless, self-browns fell from grace. In 1930 the Siamese Cat Membership launched, ‘The membership lots regrets it is unable to encourage the breeding of any nevertheless blue-eyed Siamese.’ Robust brown cats lacking blue eyes have been accordingly banned from rivals and disappeared from the cat fancy.

Self-browns made their comeback inside the early 1950s when a handful of English breeders decided brown was nonetheless beautiful. Working first individually after which collectively, these breeders studied chocolate gene inheritance after which started a breeding program, apparently using Siamese, house shorthairs, and Russian Blues. The breeders have been striving to offer a solid-colored cat throughout the chocolate stage coloring of the Siamese, considerably than the sable coloring of the Burmese. In the meanwhile in England, the one acknowledged abroad breeds aside from the Siamese had been the Abyssinian and the Russian Blue.

In 1952 the first robust chocolate kitten to be registered in England was born. This kitten, Elmtower Bronze Idol, turned the muse cat for the model new breed. Bronze Idol was produced by mating a seal degree Siamese that carried the chocolate gene with a powerful black cat moreover carrying chocolate. The black cat was the offspring of a black cat bred to a seal stage Siamese. Since chocolate coloration is dominated by a recessive gene, Bronze Idol wanted to acquire the gene from every dad and mother to particular the trait.

In 1958 the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy accepted the breed for Championship opponents beneath the determine Chestnut Brown Worldwide. Later, the breed was re-named Havana.

Two tales exist regarding the naming of the breed. One claims that the Havana was named after a rabbit breed of the an identical color. The other maintains the Havana was named after the Havana tobacco on account of it has the color and matt look of a Havana cigar.

The first Havanas reached America throughout the mid-1950s. The breed was given recognition in 1959 beneath the determine Havana Brown, and in 1964 the CFA granted the Havana Brown full Championship standing.

Dimension: The Havana is a medium-size cat weighing 6 to 10 kilos.

Life Span: 10 to 15 years


The Havana Brown cat persona could possibly be very outgoing and full of life. This cat is not going to be the one possibility for busy individuals who aren’t home alot and should you’re dwelling alot they might make their presence recognized and customarily is a bit of pestering.

They’re very loving and intense cats who crave the attention of the people of their lives and resent being ignored or left alone.

The Havana Brown cat is acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA), the world’s largest cat group. It is a comparatively unusual pure-bred or “pedigreed” dwelling cat breed.

The breed is regarded as dog-like in conduct, having enjoyable with fetch, carrying toys spherical throughout the mouth and following relations from room to room.

They’re energetic, shiny, busy and vocal relations who may very well be the proper cat you ever owned when you perceive what you is perhaps searching for.

This can be distinctive different for a fragile teenager who wants an fascinating companion and playmate.

As well as they, adorably, use their paws like fingers, and might attain out and pat you on the shoulder to get your consideration or gently contact your face whereas cuddling.

The coat is transient and shiny with restricted undercoat and solely occasional grooming is desired.

These are slender, medium-sized cats which have few breed-related nicely being factors.

On account of it is energetic and craves interaction the Havana Brown is a pleasing family cat that does properly with considerate youngsters, varieties sturdy bonds, and most positively likes to be included in fully all of the items.


Every pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have varied incidences of nicely being points which can be genetic in nature. Havana Browns are usually healthful, although some is also liable to larger respiratory infections, usually once they’re youthful.


The Havana Brown’s fast, clear coat is simple to take care of with a quick weekly combing. Sprucing it with a chamois will make it shine. A bathe is rarely essential.

Brush the enamel to forestall periodontal sickness. Daily dental hygiene is best, nevertheless weekly brushing is greatest than nothing. Trim the nails every couple of weeks. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a clean, damp materials to remove any discharge. Use a separate area of the fabric for each eye so that you simply don’t run the hazard of spreading any an an infection.

Confirm the ears weekly. If they offer the impression of being dirty, wipe them out with a cotton ball or mushy damp cloth moistened with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warmth water. Steer clear of using cotton swabs, which can hurt the within of the ear.

Maintain the litter area spotlessly clear. Cats are very express about bathroom hygiene.

It’s a superb suggestion to take care of a Havana Brown as an indoor-only cat to protect him from illnesses unfold by completely different cats, assaults by canines or coyotes, and the other dangers that face cats who go exterior, equal to being hit by a automotive. Havana Browns who go outdoors moreover run the possibility of being stolen by anyone who want to have such an beautiful cat with out paying for it.


Havana Brown kittens are very energetic and intensely playful and curious.

It’s a kitten that may should be saved a watch on and should be put in look at as quickly as in awhile as she’s going to get used to her new digs.

Havana Brown kittens are sometimes very gangly in look, with monumental ears and scruffy coat.

It takes these youngster kittens six or seven months to start out exhibiting indicators of the distinctive and fashionable grownup they’re going to turn into.

These kittens are superb and easily educated, nonetheless may current some resentment if not given enough consideration.

Routine is the vital factor for Havana Brown kittens, and mealtimes along with sleeping preparations should be established as early as doable.

Should you occur to don’t plan to sleep within the equivalent mattress collectively along with your grownup Havana Brown, by all means don’t allow the kitten to sleep there. A transition might be close to not potential, and heartbreaking for everyone.

On the same time, holding your kitten regularly will not be actually useful each, till you intend to carry your grownup cat wherever you go.

Try to put apart some specific time in your kitten to play or nap on his private. A cat that is content material materials with considerably home makes a better pet in the long run.

On account of this could be a comparatively uncommon cat, Havana Brown cat breeders are typically exhausting to look out, and a pure-bred kitten is also costly.


Pretty than attempt a Siamese physique sort as British breeders have achieved, American breeders have favored a further affordable physique and head kind for his or her Havana Browns. The British Havana Brown is considerably additional Siamese in conformation than North American Havanas. The American Havana Brown’s distinctive muzzle, rich coloration, expressive eyes, and large ears make it distinctive and exceptionally putting among the many many American cat breeds.

The Havana’s coat might be distinctive. Color is crucial to this breed: the coat should be a rich, even shade of warmth brown, tending in direction of red-brown or mahogany fairly than black-brown. Allowance is made for ghost tabby markings in kittens and youngsters.


The Havana Brown’s distinctive coloration extends even to his whiskers. He is the one cat with a breed commonplace that spells out whisker coloration: brown, in spite of everything, complementing the coat coloration.

Looking out from all that minky-brown richness are vivid inexperienced eyes with an oval type. The Havana will also be distinguished by his uncommon head kind; it’s longer than it is intensive. Large ears tilt forward.

He has a company, muscular physique lined briefly, clear fur in a rich, warmth reddish-brown. Kittens and youthful adults may have the barest hint of tabby markings, which disappear as they mature. The nostril leather-based is brown with a rosy flush, and the paw pads are a rosy brown as successfully.


This commonplace is for the American Havana Brown…

Head Kind: The head must be longer than it is big, with abroad forehead and face. The muzzle is considerably narrower than the face with a pronounced stop in profile. The chin is company and in profile the muzzle is squared off. The ears are very large with broad base and rounded ideas. The ears have very constructive hair, or no hair the least bit, every inside and out of doors. The eyes are medium in measurement, oval shaped, and by no means slanted in look. Eye shade should be inexperienced, although gold is frequent.

Physique and Tail: Company and muscular, and of medium dimension with a level once more. The neck is medium in dimension and in proportion to the physique. The legs are very prolonged, lean and springy. Paws are small and oval in type. 5 toes in entrance, four in once more. Tail: Neither prolonged nor temporary, nonetheless medium in dimension, and in proportion to the physique. The tail is slender, neither whip-like nor blunt. Not too broad at base, it tapers on the end.

Coat: The coat could also be very fast and clear with distinctive sheen.

Pattern: The coat ought to be secure, rich brown in color. Reddish tone is appropriate. The nostril, paw pads and whiskers must all be brown, or barely reddish. Tiger or tabby shadow marks are acceptable in kittens and juveniles as a lot as 18 months earlier.

Whole Look: This must be a hard-bodied and actually lean cat with a protracted, physique and prolonged, slender legs. They should have a very shiny, steady brown coat with no noticeable markings and restricted shading. Athletic, agile and distinctive.


The Havana Brown cat was developed in Britain, not Cuba – the title “Havana” comes from the distinctive tobacco shade of the Havana Browns fur.
The Havana Brown current cat ought to have brown whiskers, and is disqualified if it will not!


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