The Japanese Bobtail Cat

The Japanese Bobtail breed’s tell-tale attribute is a brief “bunny” tail which can be versatile or inflexible, with loads of curves, angles or kinks.

Precisely when and the place the Japanese Bobtail developed will not be acknowledged. It is clear, nonetheless, that the breed has been bobbing all through the Far East for no less than plenty of centuries, and presumably for for for much longer, since early Japanese folklore consists of pretty just some references to short-tailed cats. One well-known story tells of a small, short-tailed feminine cat named Maneki-Neko that was talked about to have beckoned to passersby and that was related to success. A illustration of Maneki-Neko, with one paw raised in welcome, seems on the facade of the Gotokuji Temple close to Tokyo.

Whereas historic knowledge don’t clarify the origin of the Japanese Bobtail, Japanese folklore does. A well known legend tells of a sleeping cat whose tail caught on hearth from a spark from the shut by fireside. The frightened cat ran by the streets of the Imperial Metropolis, lighting all the properties on hearth. By morning, metropolis was destroyed and the Emperor, indignant on the destruction of metropolis, decreed that each one cats would possibly wish to have their tails in the reduction of transient to stop one completely different such catastrophe from occurring.

Dwelling cats had been launched into Japan from China and Korea contained in the early sixth century, nonetheless whether or not or not or not these cats had bobbed tails is unclear. The bobbed tail was positively frequent by the early seventeenth century, since tricolored cats with pom-pom tails have been portrayed in pretty a few Japanese woodcut prints and painted silkscreen work of that interval. Tricolored cats, principally white with patches of pink and black, are often called Mi-Ke (pronounced mee-kay). Bobtails of this sample are thought-about good luck. The Japanese revered these cats for his or her grace and shock, and the cats had been prized and saved all through the temples and houses of the Imperial Japanese households for quite a few years.

In some unspecified time ultimately between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, when the Japanese silk enterprise grew in significance and when mice threatened to destroy the silkworms and their cocoons from which the expensive silk was harvested, the federal authorities determined that cats have to be let free to guard the silk enterprise and the grain retailers. The Japanese Bobtail then grew to show right into a avenue cat as an alternative of a pampered family pet.

Inside the US, you is maybe weak to see Bobtails solely in cat reveals and contained in the properties of breeders and fanciers, nonetheless in Japan at present this breed shall be seen contained in the streets and alleys, together with contained in the frequent cat-loving dwelling. Till merely today as an alternative of origin, the Japanese Bobtail was thought of a typical home barely than a purebred, merely as our personal American Shorthair was thought of a home for only a few years. It was solely contained in the 1960s when the US started together with the breed in its cat shows that Japan adopted swimsuit; nevertheless, the Bobtail continues to be thought to symbolize good luck, and collectible collectible collectible figurines of Maneki-Neko may be bought in quite a lot of Japanese retailers.

The primary documented Japanese Bobtails have been imported into the USA from Japan in 1908. American servicemen launched residence Bobtails from Japan, nonetheless it wasn’t till breeder Elizabeth Freret imported three Japanese Bobtails into the USA from Japan in 1968 that a formal American breeding and exhibiting program started.

Freret acquired the three Bobtails from a breeder who had been breeding Bobtails in Japan since shortly after WWII. Freret, together with others all through the breed, labored to search out out an uncommon and launched the breed to the CFA board. In 1969 the CFA accepted Japanese Bobtails for registration. In 1971 Bobs had been granted provisional standing, and in 1976 gained Championship standing contained in the CFA. Correct now, all a really highly effective cat associations settle for the Japanese Bobtail for Championship.

Merely nowadays, a protracted haired model of the breed has been accepted and is acknowledged by CFA, TICA, ACA, AACE, UFO, CCA, and ACFA. The numbers of registrations on this newly accepted division are presently small. Proof implies that extended haired Bobtails have been spherical for so long as the momentary haired model. Whereas extended haired cats weren’t as com

they seem in early Japanese art work work as accurately. Contained in the chilly provinces of Japan?s northernmost islands, the place an extended coat might very effectively be an very important survival trait, extended haired cats have been seen on the street cat populations for years.

On condition that Bobtail was a typical avenue cat for on account of this truth extended, it’s seemingly that someplace alongside the bloodline they acquired the recessive gene for extended hair. Since two copies of a recessive gene are required for the trait to be expressed, the longhair gene is likely to be handed by way of many generations prior to manifesting. Even when each dad and mom possess the gene, the ratio of shorthaired over longhaired offspring is roughly three to 1.

Measurement: This may very well be a medium-size cat weighing 6 to 10 kilos.

Life Span: 9 to 15 years


The persona of the Japanese Bobtail cat is sweet, delicate and candy, with solely a bit spice, and it’s no shock this distinctive kitty is a model of efficient luck.

This cat has favored centuries of shut companionship with folks and makes for a tidy, type and well-mannered housecat.

Vibrant, vigorous and good, able to analysis and enthusiastic about every issue, they’re generally exceedingly “dog-like”, notably relating to studying behaviors and concepts.

They’re going to rapidly study to fetch, stroll in a harness and lead, and could be discovered when often known as. They’re very agile and outgoing and have been acknowledged to do very correctly in Feline Agility competitions.

Throughout the event that they flip into hooked as a lot as a favourite toy they will stroll spherical the home with it and current it when company calls.

The Japanese Bobtail cat is acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA), the world’s largest cat group, and is a reasonably widespread pure-bred or “pedigreed” dwelling cat breed. The Japanese Bobtail is on the market in any coloration or sample aside from major tabby, tiger cat or ticked.

Calico and parti-color are commonest and interesting.

The coat is non permanent and glossy, nonetheless some organizations allow an extended coat as efficiently. Each are silky to the contact. Shedding is frequent and customary grooming is desired however not required.

These are lean medium-sized cats which have few breed-related correctly being components.

Due to it is filled with life and enjoys fairly a couple of interplay the Japanese Bobtail cat is an outstanding household pet that does appropriately with thoughtful children, nonetheless resents teasing.

They do advantageous indoors nonetheless vastly revenue from the floor and love exploring in harness and lead.


Each pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have quite a few incidences of successfully being factors that will very effectively be genetic in nature. Japanese Bobtails are usually healthful, and the recessive gene that produces the bobtail is just not related to any spinal or bone abnormalities. Make sure you ask a breeder regarding the incidence of correctly being factors in her strains and what testing has been carried out for any which can be genetic in nature.


Due to the Japanese Bobtail has little undercoat, each the shorthaired and longhaired varieties are quite simple to groom. Tangles are unusual, and a weekly combing will take away ineffective hairs. Each longhairs and shorthairs shed seasonally.

The coat could also be very waterproof, so it’s problem that a bathtub is never essential; it takes some doing to get a Japanese Bobtail moist ample to shampoo him.

All the time address the tail gently, notably whether or not or not it is extra inflexible than versatile.

Brush the tooth to forestall periodontal illness. Every day dental hygiene is largest, nonetheless weekly brushing is biggest than nothing. Trim the nails each couple of weeks. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a comfortable, damp supplies to take away any discharge. Use a separate home of the material for every eye so that you just simply don’t run the hazard of spreading any an an an infection.

Affirm the ears weekly. If they appear soiled, wipe them out with a cotton ball or comfortable damp fabric moistened with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar and heat water. Keep away from utilizing cotton swabs, which might hurt the inside of the ear.

Keep the Japanese Bobtail’s litter topic spotlessly clear. Cats are very specific about bathroom hygiene. A clear litter self-discipline will even assist to handle a longhaired Bobtail’s coat clear.

It’s an incredible suggestion to maintain up a Japanese Bobtail as an indoor-only cat to guard him from sicknesses unfold by completely completely different cats, assaults by canine or coyotes, and the choice risks that face cats who go outdoors, very like being hit by a automobile. Japanese Bobtails who go outdoor furthermore run the opportunity of being stolen by anybody who wish to have such a reasonably cat with out paying for it.


Virtually like a mannequin new pet, Japanese Bobtail kittens are very energetic, curious and interactive. They’ll get your hands on every member of the household, and as they develop, they may create particular greetings and video video video games with everybody.

They develop rapidly and be taught merely as quick, nonetheless are so busy that they’ll get into downside prior to they analysis their limitations.

Any residence with a Japanese Bobtail kitten should be kitten-proofed! Areas it’s possible you’ll under no circumstances contemplate like beneath the kitchen cupboards, or behind the fireplace have to be sealed off from these little explorers.

The Japanese Bobtail kitten seems to be precisely like a miniature grownup. All members of a pure-bred litter can have bobtails, long-tailed of us do not exist.

A mannequin new Japanese Bobtail kitten could be taught the family routine in a short time, and Japanese Bobtails are so notoriously tidy that an accident is type of unparalleled. Present them their foodbowl, litter pan and mattress and say “welcome to the household!”


The gene answerable for the pom-pom tail is a simple recessive; Bobtail to Bobtail crosses produce 100 % Bobtail offspring. The Bobtail gene shouldn’t be associated to the Manx gene and does not seem like related to any genetic defects. The tail’s fur camouflages the underlying bone improvement, which varies significantly from cat to cat. The tail is usually about four inches (10 cm) extended, nonetheless curls correct proper right into a corkscrew kind so it seems a lot shorter.


This breed’s tell-tale attribute, in any case, is a fast “bunny” tail that could possibly be versatile or inflexible, with fairly a number of curves, angles or kinks, ideally extending out from the physique not more than three inches. The fur followers out to create the look of a pom-pom on a shorthair, or a blooming chrysanthemum on a longhair. Every cat contained in the breed has a singular tail.

The Japanese Bobtail is called accurately for his tricolor calico sample—referred to as “mi-ke” which means three-fur and pronounced “mee-kay”—nonetheless utterly completely different commonplace colours are black and white or crimson and white. He furthermore is on the market in regular colours and tortoiseshell and tabby patterns. Some cat registries allow pointed or sepia-tone coats. Daring, dramatic markings and vividly contrasting colours are a trademark of this breed. The eyes is perhaps any shade, together with blue or odd-eyed (every eye a particular shade).

The silky coat is more likely to be shorthaired or longhaired. In each lengths, the cats have little undercoat. Longhaired Bobtails could have a ruff all through the neck, extended fur on the stomach, and fur that’s noticeably longer on the tail and higher hind legs (britches) than it’s on the higher a part of the physique. Some have tufts of fur on the ears and toes.

He has a slender nonetheless muscular physique, extended, slender legs which could possibly be noticeably longer all through the rear, though they’re angled in such a approach that the physique stays diploma barely than rising up in route of the rear, and a finely chiseled head with excessive cheekbones, big oval eyes set at a slant, and large, upright, expressive ears.


Head Sort: The pinnacle must be formed like an equilateral triangle from the outer bases of the ears, all by way of the perfect of the face and down the chin. Consideration needs to be given to the intense cheek bones. The nostril is extended and appropriately outlined by two parallel strains from tip to forehead and reveals a fragile dip at, or simply beneath, eye diploma when seen in profile. Muzzle: Gently rounded, with slight whisker break. There needs to be a strong chin with a straight chunk. Ears: Massive, tall and expressive. Outer ear margins from two vertical parallel strains set at right angles to the most effective line of the face. The ears must be penalized if flared or cradle set. The ears when held straight give the impression of being tilted ahead. Eyes: Needs to be large and oval, outlined from beneath by markedly excessive cheekbones. In profile, the eyes could very nicely be seen to have a selected slanted set and don’t protrude earlier the orbit. NOTE: Inexperienced, gold and copper eyes are acceptable in all coat colours, and blue and odd eyes are acceptable in the complete white and “and white” coat colours.

Physique and Tail: Extended, straight and slender, neither fragile nor heavy boned. The neck need to be extended and slender. The physique should be medium in dimension, with good muscle tone. It should be neither tubular nor cobby. Legs: Extended, slender and medium boned. The as soon as extra legs are noticeable longer than the doorway when prolonged so the rear slants upward. When flexed and relaxed, the as soon as extra legs set off the as soon as extra to seem stage. Ft: The paws are oval in kind, with 5 toes in entrance and 4 in as soon as extra.Dimension: Quick, not extending increased than three inches from the physique. Boning: Kinked and/or fused vertebrae alongside all the size of the tail. The last word bone can also be gently felt to be pointed, not blunt. Hair: The hair of the tail followers out in opposition to the course of the underlying bones, giving the appears of a pom-pom, fan or bunny-tail relying on the configuration of the bone growth. NOTE: The tail is to be examined gently, with no pulling, twisting or makes an try to straighten.

Coat: Medium in measurement, implausible and silky with out a noticeable undercoat. It must be neither momentary and shut mendacity, nor extended ample to point a ruff and pantaloons. A slight fringe on the stomach and the britches is allowed. There’s a long-haired variant as efficiently, which isn’t typical.

Sample: All colours are acceptable aside from ticked tabby and point-restricted markings. In all colours, various is throughout the course of daring, dramatic markings and vibrant, vivid colours and durable contrasts, fairly than particular parts or proportions of any given shade. Nostril and paw pad leather-based is to be acceptable to the indicative coat coloration.

Fundamental Look: It is a medium sized cat with extended clear traces, straight, slender limbs and firm muscle tone. The distinctive head kind and extended nostril give a extraordinarily particular and distinctive expression. The Japanese Bobtail cat is a beautiful, good cat.


The Japanese Bobtail is the mannequin for the “beckoning cat” a emblem of unbelievable luck, notably inside the course of companies.
Statues of a tailless cat with one raised paw are considerable in Japanese customized, and the “beckoning cat” even adorns temples and palaces.
If the precise paw is raised it’s beckoning cash,
the left paw raised beckons of us, or consumers,
each paws raised (a mode that turned in kind all by means of the newest recession) gives safety from loss.


Japanese Bobtail cat against white background.

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