The Munchkin Cat

The fabulous and more and more common Munchkin cat is a naturally occurring mutation.

The cat fancy’s model of downsizing ‘the Munchkin’ has cat fanciers on either side hissing over whether or not the breed must be acknowledged. Whereas most new breeds need to face durations of resistance earlier than acceptance can happen, the battle over this breed is especially heated as a result of it raises questions concerning the place ‘distinctive selection’ ends and ‘abomination’ begins. This level has been beforehand raised inside the cat fancy regarding breeds such because the Sphynx and the Manx. The phrase (or phrases to that impact) was even utilized to the Siamese when he made his debut in London in 1871.

Brief-legged cats have been documented as early because the 1930s in England. Based on reviews, these short-legged cats survived for 4 generations earlier than World Battle II took its toll on the cat inhabitants of Europe. One such cat was additionally reported within the Soviet Union within the 1950s and dubbed the ‘Stalingrad Kangaroo Cat’ for his tendency to take a seat up on his haunches. However the breed as we all know it right this moment started in Rayville, Louisiana.

In 1983 music trainer Sandra Hochenedel found two cats hiding underneath a pickup truck the place that they had been cornered by a bulldog. Hochenedel rescued the cats and took them dwelling, later noticing two issues, each have been pregnant, and each had brief, stubby legs. She saved Blackberry, the black cat, and gave away Blueberry, the grey.

When Blackberry had her first litter, Hochenedel gave one short-legged kitten, named Toulouse, to her buddy Kay LaFrance, who lived in Monroe, Louisiana. Since LaFrance’s cats have been allowed free entry to the outside and weren’t altered, a feral inhabitants of Munchkins occurred round Monroe, the place they apparently competed very effectively with their long-legged mates for prey and mating alternatives.

Hochenedel and LaFrance contacted Dr. Solveig Pflueger, chairperson of TICA?s genetics committee. Her research decided that the quick legs have been the results of a dominant genetic mutation affecting the lengthy bones of the legs. This mutation apparently occurred spontaneously inside the feline gene pool. Any cat that possesses this gene will exhibit the quick legs. A cat that has acquired the Munchkin gene from one mother or father will produce Munchkin kittens at an approximate ratio of 1 Munchkin to at least one regular kitten.

Different breeders joined the trigger, and in 1991 breeders tried to achieve acceptance from TICA for the Munchkin, named for the little folks in The Wizard of Oz. They have been turned down on the premise that not sufficient was recognized in regards to the breed. They tried once more in September 1994 and this time have been accepted. As of Might 1, 1995 the Munchkin was acknowledged for New Breed and Colour standing in TICA. When the acceptance was introduced, TICA member Katherine Crawford resigned her ten-year place as choose, saying that the breed was an affront to any breeder with ethics. Others shared her sentiments, feeling that the brief legs will trigger crippling again, hip, and leg issues sooner or later, though no proof exists that the Munchkin is liable to such issues. Breeders had their oldest Munchkins X-rayed and examined for indicators of joint or bone issues. No issues had been discovered, however the breed continues to be in infancy, with the oldest Munchkin solely 14 years previous on the time of this writing.

Based on Laurie Bobskill, breeder and president of the Worldwide Munchkin Society, 19 separate Munchkin-like mutations have been present in the US, all unrelated to Blackberry’s strains. Breeders discover this encouraging, as a result of it provides credence to the competition that this mutation is a viable variation of Felis catus.

Mockingly, the controversy surrounding the breed has contributed to its rising recognition. Due to articles in The Wall Avenue Journal, Folks Journal, and different publications, public demand for Munchkins has been nice, the ready lists lengthy, and the provision restricted. The sports activities automotive of the cat fancy is commanding sports activities automobile costs, too, and breeders wish to

make sure that disreputable folks do not make the most of the Munchkin’s reputation by utilizing unethical breeding practices.


The Munchkin cat persona may be very pleasant, loving and affectionate, significantly with kids.

Munchkins make nice household cats and so they usually keep kittenish and delightfully playful all through their total maturity.

Maybe considered one of their most endearing sights within the cat world is that of a Munchkin putting a meerkat pose, rising up on tiny hind legs to get a greater view of the thrilling world round them

The Munchkin cat will not be acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA), the world’s largest cat group.

It’s a comparatively unusual home cat breed, however is rising in recognition, and is acknowledged and proven within the TICA, one other massive group that researched the well being of the breed earlier than accepting it.

These cats are available any colour or sample, and the coat is diversified as properly. Reasonable grooming could also be required for long-haired people.

They’re often fairly sturdy and energetic, and have highly effective again legs.

They’ll run and bounce with relative ease and so they usually sit up on their hind legs and maintain themselves in that “meerkat” place for minutes at a time to get a greater view of the motion

These are principally small-sized, usually constructed cats, on very brief legs who are likely to make glorious pets.

Kittens with regular leg size will truly happen side-by-side in the identical litter with short-legged Munchkins.

In contrast to andochondroplasial dwarves, which some declare they’re, their heads are proportionate to the torso and so they have few breed-related well being points.


Due to the small gene pool, outcrossing might want to happen for a few years to maintain the breed wholesome. For that motive, the conformation might range in these early years as new genes are launched. Any home longhair or shorthair that isn’t a member of a acknowledged breed is a suitable outcross. Shade, sample, and hair size will differ as properly, and the Munchkin can are available in any colour or sample, together with the Siamese sample. Munchkins with lengthy flowing tresses additionally exist and are acknowledged by TICA. The conformation for the Munchkin Lengthy-hair is similar besides that the Longhair bears a semi-long silky coat that sports activities a full flowing plume on the tail.


Munchkin kittens are significantly energetic. These cute kittens like to frolic, and watching them play is a sheer delight.

They’re so busy, daring and daring they might put themselves in precarious conditions till they study their limitations.

A smaller litter-box and extra accessible mattress could also be required for Munchkin kittens, though they do are inclined to make nearly any state of affairs work.

Kitten-proofing is unquestionably really helpful for anybody contemplating adopting or buying a Munchkin kitten.

Excessive furnishings must be off limits, warning must be taken when holding these wriggly little children, significantly when carrying them throughout exhausting wooden or tile flooring, and areas below counters and doorways needs to be blocked off as they’ve a really robust urge to discover.

In Look, the Munchkin kitten is mainly a miniature grownup. They have a tendency to develop at a mean price and attain mature peak at about 6 months, filling out and maturing to full measurement and weight at about one 12 months previous.

There are various types of Munchkin kittens and discovering the correct Munchkin breeder could be a job. A premium value may additionally be requested for exceptionally tiny kittens as effectively..


HeadShape: The top needs to be a modified wdge form with excessive cheekbones and proportionate to physique dimension. The nostril needs to be neither broad nor pointed, and in proportion with the remainder of the top. Medium measurement ears, barely rounded on the tip, and broad on the base. Eyes are giant, extensively set and any coloration.

Physique and Tail: The physique is small to medium in measurement and regular in kind. Hind legs generally longer than fronts, however all 4 legs are approx. 1/2 the size of a median cat with similiar physique measurement. The tail is breed-cross particular. The ft are spherical and well-formed.

Coat: The coat varies with the breed-cross and could also be lengthy, medium, quick, or non-existent.

Sample: All colours and patterns are accepted.

General Look: These are endearing, cute cats that, whereas novel, mustn’t endure from their mutation. A usually wholesome look with full vary of motion have to be evident. A sweet-natured and loving pet with an energetic and playful persona.


The Munchkin is a naturally occurring mutation
Munchkin cats are often very wholesome and energetic
Cats with regular leg size are born side-by-side in the identical litter as Munchkin cats


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