The Snowshoe Cat

The Snowshoe cat is a giant, sturdy cat with beautiful coloring and a stellar persona. This can be a great family pet that is exceptionally loving.

A relatively new cat breed, the thought for the Snowshoe cat occurred throughout the late 1960’s when a breeder of Siamese cats found two kittens in a litter that had snow-white paws.

Since then, makes an try and create a cat with the physique kind of an American Shorthair cat, the darkish elements and eye coloration of the Siamese, nevertheless with white muzzle and mittens has been a bit harrowing.

Apparently the genetics involved are tough and solely educated and devoted breeders continued to good the breed.

There are nonetheless not enough licensed Snowshoe breeders to get them accepted into the CFA, nonetheless in the last few years, curiosity in these improbable cats has skyrocketed and the standard may shortly be secure enough for recognition as an actual breed.

Overlook the Grumpy Cat stereotype: this Siamese–American Shorthair mix’s affectionate and sweet disposition is supplemented by distinctive fur markings and a strong physique.

See all Snowshoe traits beneath!

Snowshoe Cat Breed Traits

One motive that the Snowshoe has not attracted additional breeders inside the 25 years of his existence is that mixing the entire genetic components collectively to create the best Snowshoe just isn’t easy. four traits particularly make it troublesome. The first is the inverted ‘V’ facial pattern that ought to elongate from the mouth to the whisker tufts above the eyes. This pattern is dominated by the piebald white recognizing gene symbolized (S). On account of this gene is incompletely dominant, if a cat inherits two copies of the gene, he can have greater areas of white than a cat with one copy of the gene. The affect, nonetheless, should not be fixed, and completely different genes can impact the white areas. It’s robust to predict how this gene will categorical itself, or predict which kittens will inherit two copies, so regulating the gene is an precise downside.

The second trait that gives breeders pause is the white boots for which the Snowshoe was named. This trait is also dominated by the piebald gene as properly, or is also dominated by a recessive ‘gloving’ (g) gene. Each strategy, this trait might be troublesome to manage. Ideally, the boots ought to elongate to the bend of the ankle in entrance, and to easily underneath the hock joint on the once more toes. Often, nonetheless, the white wouldn’t lengthen extreme ample or extends too extreme. Some-times a foot will lack white, and usually a Snowshoe will not possess any white the least bit.

Attaining the precise Siamese pattern and shading might be tough, too. The pointed pattern is obtainable in each seal or blue stage, because of lavender and chocolate, being ‘dilute’ colors of seal and blue, are prone to masks the white pattern important to this breed.

On prime of all of the issues, the Snowshoe regular requires a physique variety that mixes the heftiness of the American Shorthair with the scale of the Siamese. Although the conformation is easier to glorious than the pattern, getting merely the appropriate head type and ear set further complicates the already refined. With this exacting customary, it’s no shock that creating the best Snowshoe is a troublesome job.

Snowshoe Cat Breed Persona

The Snowshoe is a singular explicit one who’s on a regular basis attention-grabbing to dwell with. A Snowshoe would be the bossy grasp or mistress of the home, the feline “Mom” who’s on a regular basis checking in on you, the entertaining clown, or the needy best buddy. In regardless of guise she comes, you probably can anticipate her to be smart, full of life, and affectionate, although she may take her time warming as a lot as visitors.

A Snowshoe usually chooses a favorite particular person throughout the family, nevertheless she maintains cordial relationships with all people. She stays close to the favored explicit individual and will usually be seen fundamental them to at least one factor of the Snowshoe’s curiosity.

Snowshoes are good and may sometimes be taught to open doorways or perform strategies, along with working feline agility packages. They want to play fetch, would possibly stroll on leash, and enjoy dabbling in working water. Some even take to swimming. That’s an energetic cat who can usually be found perching on prime of the fridge or one other vantage degree from the place he can survey all that’s occurring.

On account of their Siamese heritage, Snowshoes are sometimes “talkers.” Fortuitously, they’ve a clean, melodic voice that’s easy on the ears. Plan to carry on many attention-grabbing conversations collectively together with your Snowshoe; she’ll want to know all about your day, how you feel regarding the native school board election, and whether or not or not you assume dinner could be shortly. He gained’t hesitate to register any complaints with you about her meals or lodging, nevertheless this sweet-tempered cat is conscious of you catch additional flies with honey than vinegar.

Snowshoes are mellow and normally get along with totally different pets, along with canine. That acknowledged, it’s really attainable to complete up with one who prefers to be the center of your world and may do biggest as an solely cat.

Choose a Snowshoe in the event you’ll benefit from spending time with and interacting collectively along with your cat. A Snowshoe likes agency and want to not be residence alone all day. Must you work prolonged hours, she’ll respect having a feline or canine buddy.


Snowshoe kittens are usually busy, full of life and noisy. They’re an infinite amount of satisfying and have such vibrant, intelligent personalities, even at only a few weeks of age, that they are going to entertain for hours.

Snowshoe kittens are born pure white and develop their coloring over quite a lot of days to weeks.

They tend to look very similar to miniature adults and don’t endure numerous an ungainly stage, though it may take as a lot as two years for them to fill out completely.

Youthful males particularly would possibly take awhile to mature, and might look pretty completely totally different at two years earlier with broad, masculine heads and full cheeks.

This is usually a fairly unusual cat and breeders of pedigree Snowshoe kittens may be comparatively arduous to look out. They will usually be barely expensive, notably if the markings are acceptable.

Snowshoe Cat Breed Effectively being

Every pedigreed and mixed-breed cats have varied incidences of nicely being points which can be genetic in nature. The Snowshoe is often healthful, however. Generally, a Snowshoe might have a kink in her tail or crossed eyes — vestiges of her Siamese ancestry — nonetheless these magnificence flaws don’t affect her nicely being or means to be an superior companion.

Snowshoe Cat Breed Care

Brush a Snowshoe’s fast coat a few occasions per week to remove ineffective hair and distribute pores and pores and skin oils. Brush the enamel to cease periodontal sickness. Every single day dental hygiene is best, nevertheless weekly brushing is more healthy than nothing.

It’s a very good suggestion to take care of a Snowshoe as an indoor-only cat to protect her from illnesses unfold by totally different cats, assaults by canine or coyotes, and the other dangers that face cats who go outdoors, resembling being hit by a automotive. Snowshoes who go outside moreover run the hazard of being stolen by any individual who need to have a novel and beautiful cat with out paying for it.


Head Type: The highest is as large because it’s prolonged, barely rounded and proportionate to physique measurement. The nostril must be neither broad nor pointed, and in proportion with the rest of the highest. Medium measurement ears, barely rounded on the tip, and broad on the bottom. Eyes are huge, big and glossy blue in coloration.

Physique and Tail: Medium sized physique, properly muscled, powerfully constructed, and longer than tall. Legs are of medium dimension. Ft must be medium measurement and oval shaped. 5 toes in entrance and four in once more. The tail is frequent in measurement and kind with a imply taper. It should not be whip-like.

Coat: Temporary in dimension. Accepted colors are Seal or Blue Elements with a physique color of cream, tan, beige, or near white in Blue Pointed cats.

Pattern: Elements on the masks, tail, ears and legs should be the similar shade and successfully outlined. They should all be of the equivalent shade. Basically probably the most fascinating white face marking is throughout the type of an inverted “V” from muzzle to forehead. Ideally, all four ft have to be steady white with clear edges, and darker elements separating the white foot shade from the lighter physique shade, whether or not or not the cat has merely white paws, or the white extends up the legs as a “stocking”.

Complete Look: This must be a hard-bodied and muscular cat with an prolonged, extremely efficient torso, and good bone. They should actually really feel fairly heavy when lifted and be neither mild nor skinny. A giant cat with an athletic, agile presence and a playful character.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Snowshoe has a quick, clear coat that’s easy to take care of. Snowshoe kittens are born white. Their components (darkish or patterned areas of fur on the tail, legs, head, and ears) begin to develop once they’re only a few weeks earlier and darken as a result of the kitten matures. The physique is generally a light-weight cream coloration ranging to beige or tan with seal or blue elements. Completely different degree colors akin to chocolate or lilac are robust to offer and often seen. These colors moreover current little distinction with the white paws. Paw pads and nostril leather-based could also be pink; the equivalent shade as a result of the elements; or a combination of the two.

On account of the Snowshoe’s pattern is recessive and entails a lot of gene parts, it’s powerful to continually get hold of the required look. No cat has good markings. Those who come closest to the perfect — these you’ll see inside the current ring — have an inverted white “V” between the eyes and over the muzzle, two white mittens inside the entrance and two white boots inside the once more. The additional symmetrical the markings, the upper. Markings which is perhaps acceptable nonetheless not most popular embrace a blaze on the face or white markings on the chin, throat, and stomach. It’s most interesting if all four ft are secure white with darkish elements separating the white foot color from the sunshine physique color. White that goes too extreme or too low on the leg or face is a flaw and may put a kitten into the “pet top quality” class counting on her completely different qualities. In a great world, a Snowshoe gained’t have spots of the aim color throughout the white areas or white streaks (known as runners) going from the white areas into the elements.

A Snowshoe glances at you with huge, huge eyes of glowing blue. The eyes are described as walnut-shaped: larger and rounder than the Siamese eye, nevertheless not as spherical as the eye of a Persian.

The rectangular physique is company and muscular, nevertheless under no circumstances cumbersome. The Snowshoe resembles a runner, not a wrestler, nonetheless is further extremely efficient than she appears. Whilst you select her up, it is potential you may be shocked at how substantial she feels. Medium-large ears excessive the marginally rounded head, which should be as giant because it’s prolonged. Medium-size paws are oval and taper to the toes.

Youngsters And Completely different Pets

The vigorous and social Snowshoe is a perfect choice for households with kids and cat-friendly canine. She’s going to play fetch along with any Retriever, learns strategies merely, and appreciates the attention she receives from children who cope with her politely and with respect.

Snowshoe cats are thought-about one in all just some breeds recognized to have the benefit of water. These big-boned cats are amazingly buoyant and might even go for the occasional swim!

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