What You Need to Know About Cat Anal Glands

Cat owners typically marvel about many elements of their pet’s anatomy. They might have thought concerning the explanation why a selected breed has sure bodily traits or the genetic course of that has led to their cat being a specific colour or sample. They may even have questioned concerning the noises they make and sure points of their habits. One side of their cat’s biology that almost all cat homeowners won’t have wasted any time fascinated about is their anal glands. Regardless of the dearth of curiosity most cat homeowners have on this explicit a part of a cat’s anatomy, they’re really an fascinating a part of their physique. Here’s what you must learn about cat anal glands.

The very first thing to notice is that regardless of their identify, they don’t seem to be really glands in any respect; they’re truly sacs. These sacs are then lined with glands that secrete a pungent and oily substance. If you’re keen to take a look at your cat’s anus, you will note that there are retailers of the sac on the 4 and eight o’clock positions on their anus.

In wild cats, the anal glands have an extra objective. They use them to secrete a substance to mark their territory. They squeeze the glands collectively in order that among the smelly substance is expelled. They use this to mark the borders of what they contemplate as their territory. It’s uncommon for home cats to go to this excessive to mark the boundaries of their territory.

Home cats have a tendency to make use of their anal glands in a extra social approach. If in case you have ever seen cats smelling one another’s bottoms, it’s as a result of they’re sniffing the opposite cats’ anal glands. This can be a type of greeting amongst home cats and is commonly how they establish one another.

Identical to any bodily half, there are some well being circumstances by which they’re affected. The commonest of those is impacted anal glands. That is when the secretions construct up inside and might result in ache and discomfort. Normally, an anal gland is an identical dimension to a pine nut however can double in dimension when it’s impacted. It may be troublesome to determine when your cat has impacted anal glands as they don’t show the identical signs as canines. When a canine has impacted anal glands, they’ll drag their backside alongside the ground and lick their rear ends excessively. This isn’t one thing that cats do, so it makes it tough to inform when there’s a downside with their anal gland.

Though there may be not at all times a transparent cause why a cat’s anal glands develop into impacted, it’s believed that weight problems can enhance the chance of this occurring. It isn’t undoubtedly recognized why that is, however vets have many theories. The primary is that chubby cats can not bend spherical correctly to completely clear their bottoms. That is one thing that a cat of a wholesome weight can simply do frequently.

The second concept pertains to constipation and a scarcity of train. Cats who don’t get sufficient train are sometimes obese. As soon as they’re chubby, they’ve additional difficulties in exercising and this turns into a cycle. If a cat isn’t getting sufficient exercise, it slows down their digestive programs and this could result in constipation. This can be a situation the place an animal is just not passing bowel actions repeatedly. In flip, this could result in the gland secretions plugging the opening of the glands and the anal glands then turning into impacted.

In case your cat has impacted glands, then it’s important that you simply go to the vet with them to have the issue assessed and for the vet to present them the suitable remedy. If impacted glands are left untreated, it may result in them growing an abscess after which rupturing. That is extraordinarily painful for a cat and tougher to deal with than a easy impacted anal gland. The cat might want to put on a cone collar for at the very least per week to forestall them from aggravating the realm. It’s much more inconvenient for the proprietor who should rinse out the affected gland day by day. Creating such abscesses that rupture is uncommon as a wholesome cat will often expertise no issues with their anal glands.

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