Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

What a wierd behavior! However why do cats eat grass in any respect? If you happen to’ve acquired a furry garden mower in your arms, now we have the reply for you.

Regardless that your cat is a carnivore, you could have seen that he sometimes enjoys munching on grass. Each indoor and outside cats will most likely eat a little bit of grass from time to time, and although it appears odd for felines to devour it, it’s truly regular.

However why do cats eat grass? Is it helpful to them? Will it make them vomit? Listed here are a couple of causes cats munch on this pure deal with.

Getting Digestion on Observe
A cat could devour a small quantity of grass with a view to do away with indigestible matter that’s in his digestive tract on the time. Vomiting happens after your cat eats grass as a result of his physique doesn’t have the enzymes essential to digest uncooked plant matter. In different phrases, your cat could search out grass when he isn’t feeling effectively as a result of he instinctively is aware of that throwing up no matter is bothering his tummy will make him really feel higher.

Consultants additionally theorize that kitties devour grass as a way to provide a laxative impact on the physique. This could counteract indigestion. For instance, the grass might assist your kitty break down and cross extra fur.

When you think about the truth that wild felines eat all of their prey, together with bones, fur, and feathers, it is sensible that a cat would have a way to take away meals from his physique that isn’t agreeing with him, and basically clear out his system within the course of.

Some specialists additionally declare that cats could also be filling in dietary gaps for sure vitamins after they eat grass. For instance, grass comprises folic acid. However an indoor kitty that’s fed a well-balanced weight loss program shouldn’t really feel this want.

Potential Issues
Though chewing on a little bit of grass once in a while is regular for kitties, there are some medical situations that would lie on the root of the conduct in case your cat is consuming plenty of grass, vegetation, and different non-food objects.

– Pica is a conduct that happens when a cat consumes non-food objects. These may embody all the things from strings and electrical cords, to rubber bands and the rest your cat can chew on and swallow. This isn’t regular conduct, and it will probably result in harmful intestinal blockages as nicely. When you discover that your kitty is consuming lots of houseplants, in addition to different non-food objects, have him examined by your veterinarian.

– Some kitties may also show compulsive behaviors, equivalent to obsessive sucking or chewing on non-food gadgets and materials like wool and cotton. In case your cat is doing this, in addition to exhibiting the identical sort of conduct in the direction of houseplants, have him examined by a vet.

Preserve Your Cat Protected from Houseplants
A cat that sees leaves flapping or dangling may view a plant as a toy that he can play with. And kittens may take pleasure in biting crops as a result of they’re searching for one thing to chew on whereas they’re teething. Nonetheless, many houseplants that you simply assume are lovely and aromatic are literally poisonous to felines, so it’s greatest to maintain harmful crops out of your private home.

In case your cat likes munching in your non-toxic houseplants, restrict the entry that he has to them. It’s also possible to present your kitty with secure cat grasses as an excellent various, whereas making different crops unappealing through the use of feline-safe deterrents.

Give Your Cat the Proper Grasses
Once more, often consuming a small quantity of grass is a traditional conduct for felines. To present your kitty the best grasses which are non-toxic, buy them from respected pet shops or maybe even develop your personal at dwelling. It’s finest to stay with natural varieties that haven’t been handled with any chemical compounds and pesticides.

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